Most of the time, no one sees an auto accident coming. But then, it happens. The right thing to do when this happens is to get back on your feet and get going with life. One of the things to do in this regard is to get your automobile back in shape and fit for the road. A lot of challenges can come up while you are trying to do this.

One thing that happens all too often is that your insurance company might consider your car a write-off on the premise that it will cost a bit more to fix the car than purchasing a new one of its exact brand and model. If this happens, then your car is salvaged. Several other issues are revolving around the repair of a damaged automobile especially in Biloxi, Mississippi. Let’s address the most popular ones.

What is the time frame for an estimation process?

Auto shop agents will assess the damage extent and the cost of repairs. Usually, this should take at most 30 minutes to be completed on the severely damaged automobiles. Some could be done as soon as 15 minutes. However, maintaining professionalism and best practices requires that they do the assessment patiently and with the best of equipment so as to come out with the highest level of judgment accuracy attainable. It is not uncommon for auto shop agents who want to have automobile owners sit in the most comfortable waiting area while doing their job.

How long does it take to do repairs from start to finish?

This is not defined. A repair on a damaged automobile is not a one-way thing. Rather, every repair is distinctive. However, the majority of repairs are finished within 3 to 7 days. The most important determinant in defining a period for the repair process is that a detailed estimate is provided. Once every issue is clearly identified, the time frame to fix every one of them becomes clearer.

Do auto body shops in Biloxi provide a warranty for repair services?

There are several auto body shops in Biloxi. Definitely, they operate on a variety of terms and conditions of service. However, most auto body shops provide a warranty. Usually, the warranty covers automobiles against any workmanship or materials defect in your vehicle in the process of repairs.

What is the best thing to do if my insurance company writes off my automobile?

In cases where the damage is colossal, and it is sensed that repairs might not be feasible, the assessment usually gets to a limit where the estimate must be referred to the policyholder for review. Usually, the policyholder has to assess the car’s absolute value, so what they do is a calculation of the exact amount of spending that will bring the car back to the road.

Most of the time, this process is painstakingly done. Therefore, it can take about two days for the insurance company to get their facts right and conclude. If your vehicle is written off, it could be due to one of the following reasons.

Economic Total Loss:

This means that the cost of repair is more than the amount it takes your insurance company to replace your car. Most insurance companies still try to save the situation; they do this by selling the remains of your crashed car to a salvage auction or yard so they can scale up for funding. The proceeds from this move will then be added to your settlement.

Structural Total Loss: 

There are situations where the land laws don’t allow the repair of a particular part of your vehicle. Laws like this are usually set up for safety purposes. This results in a total loss, both for you and your insurance company. 

What are the chances of my car looking the same once the repair is done?

This is one of the qualities of a top auto body shop. They should have trained professionals that are capable of restoring the car to its exact form when it was brand new. So, it depends on how skilled and dexterous they are at their craft.

What are the factors to consider when fixing the price to repair a damaged vehicle?

When it happens that an auto shop is to fix a salvaged car, there are a number of factors to consider while trying to fix a price for the service. First and most important is the amount of work that will have to go into the exercise. Other factors to be considered include the need to purchase new parts, where the parts are going to be coming from (is it derived from salvaged vehicles or factory certified refurbished parts).

Finally, you should also consider the type of auto body shop you use; (it could be the regular one or the ones where exotic cars are fixed). Usually, there is a price range for every auto shop based on the category of clients they work with. To this end, you might want to look around before making a choice.

Can I wash my vehicle immediately after getting painted?

Definitely, you are free to wash your car as soon as it is painted. However, make sure that the washing is not done in the sun. This is because the sun is capable of heating the novel paint and disfiguring it. Immediately after washing, you might want to dry with a soft and dry cloth. Finally, on this note, you should only do the washing yourself as others might not fully understand why so much caution is being put into the washing of the car.


If your vehicle ever gets damaged, there is a huge chance it can be repaired and get set to hit the road again. In Biloxi, Mississippi, there are several auto shops that will gladly assess your vehicle and tell you what it takes to make it perfect for use again.

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